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Over 30,000 dengue patients, 50 deaths

A total of 30,041 dengue patients and 50 deaths were reported during this year from the all parts of the country by the end of last week.

A National Mosquito Eradication programme will take place on August 11, 12 and 13, targeting the North East monsoonal rains, Health Ministry sources said.

they said the highest number of dengue patients - 9,696 were reported from the Colombo district. The second highest number - 2,649 was reported from Gampaha district. A total of 2,229 dengue patients were reported from CMC.

Teams which conducted house to house inspections during the three day intensive dengue control programme took legal action against 859 mosquito breeders while they also issued notices to 3,238 premises with mosquito breeding places. The inspection was carried out by 450 teams. They inspected 69,994 premises, the sources said.

All persons who suffer from fever for more than two days should seek immediate medical treatment from a qualified doctor or a state hospital. Such patients should not take any other medication for fever except Paracetamol. Other medications can lead to serious complications such as developing Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever, the sources said. 

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