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Uncleared garbage pollutes Chilaw town

Tractors loaded with garbage and uncleared garbage seen everywhere in the town

Garbage collecting in the Chilaw town has come to a grinding halt without having a proper dumping ground for the purpose. As a result, uncleared garbage being dumped everywhere pollutes the town and causes immense inconvenience to the residents and visitors.

Tractors park at the market loaded with fish and meat offal collected from the fish market. The residents say the officials lack interest in resolving the issue. However, when asked for a comment, Chilaw Urban Council Secretary A.A. Jayasiri said that a land at Asarappawatta, Maikkulam was allocated for a dumping ground on the instructions of parliamentarian Shantha Abeysekera and the residents should be patient until the land is prepared for the purpose. He also thanked the President for intervening in allocating the land. Disposing garbage will commence within the next few days, he said. 

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