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Two Influenza H1N1 deaths at Kandy hospital

 Two kidney patients in Kandy Hospital died of Influenza H1N1 yesterday. Two out of the three deaths reported from the Kandy Teaching hospital were caused by H1N1.

The deceased are two males,one is 35 years of age and the other an elderly individual.

Asked if the MRI has confirmed the cause of deaths Kandy Teaching Hospital Director Dr.R.M.S.K.Ratnayake said the Kandy Hospital has access to similar facilities that the MRI has to confirm the cause to be H1N1 positive.

“The third death was caused by final stage pneumonia,” Dr. Ratnayake said.

It is reported that eight employees of the Kidney Transplant Unit staff including a doctor, are diagnosed with influenza and have taken leave.

The Kidney patient ward (No 69) has ceased to admit patients due to the influenza.

Dr.Ratnayake said the ward has been disinfected.

Dr.Ratnayake further said they suspect the spread must have been caused by a patient who had already contracted the H1N1 virus, when hospitalised.

A team from the Health Ministry Epidemiology Unit is investigating the matter.

Six more patients in the kidney patient ward, are suspected to have contracted the H1N1 virus.

Dr. Ratnayake further said patients with low immunity, such as kidney patients, children, pregnant mothers are vulnerable to the H1n1 virus.

“An awareness programme on the spreading of the virus is to be launched,” Dr.Ratnayake also said.

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