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SL must recalibrate expectations for private sector

Shiran Fernando
Shiran Fernando


Sri Lanka needs to recalibrate its expectations and push policy makers to get low lying fruits, for the private sector to take off, ‎Frontier Research Product Head and Economist Shiran Fernando said.

He was speaking at a seminar on capital markets 2017, held in Colombo.“Sri Lankans have high expectations of policy makers, when we look at from the bottom up, there is no proper expectations on the growth and laws if such things are not properly achieved due to policy uncertainty, people go negative.” Commenting on the status of the economy and outlook for 2017,Fernando mentioned that people’s expectations and sentiments on policy makers and economy have been turned off a lot due to policy uncertainties.

“Despite the fundamentals moving in the right direction, overall sentiment is depressed, Everyone is still in the negative sentiment framework.

 These things need to change and little factors need to go away.”

He further added the International Monetary Fund (IMF) package, a more independent Central Bank and Fitch rating outlook revision haven’t alsoseen positive impacts as yet. 


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