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L.B. Finance launches 'L.B. Gifts Store’

Vignettes of the event. Pictures by Marlan Karunaratna
Vignettes of the event. Pictures by Marlan Karunaratna

One of the oldest financial institutions, L.B. Finance has launched another customer friendly innovative venture 'L.B. Gifts Store’ with the objective of providing a wide range of household goods to its fixed deposit and savings account holders.

Accordingly, L.B. Finance account holders could now purchase their desired household goods from 'L.B. Gifts Store’ by accessing www.lbstore.lk. The items selected by the customer will be delivered to the designated address of persons.

L.B. Finance has partnered with Mydeal.lk, a pioneer market leader in the Sri Lankan e-Commerce industry to make this novel venture a success.

Speaking at a media briefing in Colombo, L.B. Finance, Deputy General Manager-(DGM) Deposits Marlon Perera highlighted the importance of launching such an important venture for the benefit of L.B. Finance accounts holders during this festive season.

“Our financial institution has always been in the forefront of providing superior services to customers through their island-wide branch network by introducing numerous -innovative ventures,”.

L.B. Finance, AGM Bharatha Pathirana said customers of all ages, whether they are Senior Citizens, kids or young professionals will immensely benefit from this newly implemented initiative 'L.B. Gift Store’ which is offered for the first time in Sri Lanka.

He further highlighted that customers who purchase goods will also have the privilege of purchasing the goods and services at specially reduced prices and this offering is available during the whole year.

He said this novel initiative even benefit L.B. Finance customers living in distant areas in the country .

“They could have their purchases of their choice and the selected goods will be delivered at their doorstep,”.

L.B. Finance, official Niroshan Udage unveiled the LB Gift Store and explained the media how it operates. Mydeal.lk Ltd, Managing Director Damitha Ginigaddarage said his organization is a current market leader in the Lankan e-Commerce industry and they are proud to be partners with L.B. Finance which is a leading and trusted financial institution in the country.


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