Panadura in mayhem as unruly students obstruct traffic | Daily News

Panadura in mayhem as unruly students obstruct traffic

Thousands of people who were travelling to various destinations from Colombo, were stranded in Panadura town on Wednesday, as group of unruly students of the Panadura Sri Sumangala College obstructed traffic movements in the heart of Panadura town for over four hours.

These students virtually took over the control of the Panadura town for a few hours as they proceeded in a massive motorcade yesterday to celebrate the Annual Cricket encounter.

Traffic on the Panadura – Horana road too came to a halt for more than three hours yesterday morning, as the vehicle parade was moving towards the Panadura town.

It was mayhem till 1.30 p.m. while hundreds of students from other schools were marooned and gathered by the road opposite the Panadura Clock Tower as they were unable to reach their houses without buses. The unruly students created a scene inside the Panadura CTB Bus Stand riding their motorcycles waving school flags too, while the Police turned deaf ears to them.

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