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Tempestuous oceanscapes will stake claim to centre stage at self-taught painter Neleisha Weerasinghe’s first solo exhibition at Art Space Sri Lanka early next month.

Infusing her palette knife paintings with a palpable sense of movement and energy, the results are highly textured images composed of bold strokes of saturated acrylic paint on canvas.

‘Something Beautiful’ -inspired by the lyrics by NeedToBreathe promises to take viewers through the same journey as that of the artist’s; conjuring an emotional state of gratefulness found at the heart of a storm.

“This exhibition is very important to me as someone who hasn’t really followed a structured education in the Arts. This will be an introduction to the style of work I do, and the conversations I hope to inspire. The series is an expression of my own journey through a turbulent time, and how in retrospect things don’t seem as bad as they once appeared – conceptualised through the waves in my paintings erasing the shore, appearing to give way to a fresh start,” Weerasinghe said.

She invites viewers to reconstruct and deconstruct what they see at their will. “Something Beautiful is a testament to my humble reflections on natural beauty. I am often moved by the profound sense of energy that the ocean seems to exude; that which paradoxically always has a calming effect on my own soul. As a result, I see in perspective the smallness of our beings, and how insignificant our troubles really are, in comparison to the grander scheme of things. I hope my paintings are able to provide that same hopeful outlook to those seeking to be lifted up.

There will be thirteen pieces on show; mostly smaller artworks, and about three medium-sized paintings.

My palette-knife depictions of the beautiful beaches and oceans from our island will feature most prominently,” she said.

Something Beautiful, by Neleisha Weerasinghe will be free and open to the public from today to August 5 at Art Space Sri Lanka.

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