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Prof. Sagara Karunathilaka nominated for Nobel Prize

Sri Lankan entrepreneur, Professor Sagara Karunathilake who invented Osteopathy and Healingpathy medical systems has been nominated for Nobel Prize.

The significance of this incident is that it is the first time a Sri Lankan has been nominated for this prize. Osteopathy and Healingpathy can cure the most of ailments pertaining to spinal cord without surgery.

Professor Karunathilake has cured thousands of patients both local and foreign by Osteopathy and Healingpathy treatments.

Professor Karunathilake developed his method of treatment for spinal cord ailments after a number of experiments while based in England. His method is now being practiced in many countries including France, German, Norway, Sweden, Greece, Italy, Australia and America.

Professor Sagara Karunathilake commenting on being able to be nominated to this prize said “There is a reason to be proud as a nation that a Sri Lankan has been nominated for this prize for the first time. I have sacrificed much of my life for the sake of this medical system.”

Professor Sagara Karunathilake practices at Osteo Clinic, Athurugiriya Road Malabe. Rendering his service to entire country, Professor Karunathilake has been able to cure a large number of patients. He has thanked English nationalists, Professor Sir Steve Russel and Professor Watson. Professor Karunathilake has been granted two Knighthoods in appreciation of his service.

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