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Salt harvesting begins in Hambantota

The annual harvesting of the Hambantota saltern has started with Hambantota, Palatupana, Bundala and Kohalankala salterns also starting harvesting.

The chairman of the Lanka Saltern Ayub Khan, the director board and management initiated the harvesting after the religious observances.

`They hope to get 54,000 metric tons from the Hambantota saltern, 19, 000 metric tons from the Bundala saltern, 17,000 metric tons from Palatupana saltern in 2019. If a dry climate persists the target harvest could be exceeded, chairman of the Lanka saltern Ayub Khan said.

Before 2014, there was a production capacity of 60,000 metric tons. After the development programmes of all the salterns in 2015, now the capacity is about 96,000 metric tons we don’t hope to have a bigger harvest from the Palatupana saltern this year too. So, the target of this year is 90,000 metric tons. The salt consumption in Sri Lanka is 120,000 metric tons and the industries need 30, 000 metric tons.

The total is 150,000 metric tons. In future, only the Hambantota saltern will be able to produce the whole capacity, Chairmen Ayub Khan said.

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