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The Buddha, the saviour

Sakyamuni with his super human powers
Divert his eye a countless number of times on others
His daily routine was to come to their aid and offer
To relieve those who are destined to suffer
In the fifth year of his enlightenment Lanka had caught his eye
With universal love towards all beings, he decided with no sigh
Having grasped the crucial situation, the Great Master
Was determined to rescue Lanka from a great disaster
His far-sighted vision attracted his speedy attention
To avert a war causing human destruction
Sakyamuni arrived at Nagadeepa to settle a dispute
An event of great cultural and historical repute
The war was between Chulodara and Mahodara, uncle and nephew
Over the ownership of a gem studded throne
The Buddha appeared immediately for this deed of saga
Here the inhabitants, various tribes, Yakka and Naga
Supported the king with their poor intellect and behaviour
Opposed Buddha not knowing he was their saviour
They had the good fortune to be blessed with Dhamma
In previous births due to their commitment of kusalakamma
In RajayatanaKiripalurukha, a deity Samiddhi Sumana
Has made his abode in premises of Jetawana
The Buddha was accompanied holding the uprooted tree by the deity
As an umbrella, a merit bestowing act with piety
He with his psychic powers, the miraculous performance
Made the Nagas astonished and happy in abundance
Thereafter, the Naga king, Maniakkitha who had become a follower
Thanked Buddha profusely and pleaded him for a souvenir
Consequently, Buddha offered the Kiripalu tree and the history
Says it was enshrined in Nagadeepaseya as a great victory
When the king met Buddha at Nagadeepa
He was anxious that the noble one visit his kingdom too
This honoured invitation had been made on Bak Poya day
For his third visit to this land paving the way
About Buddha’s visit to Nagadeepa, there is evidence
Which highlights its profound importance
Surrounding areas bear testimony to devotional activities
Such as offering of flowers and incense coming down from Budddha days
They are Mallakam, Chunnakam, Puwangu, Ka-ara and Mandadivayina
This is a milestone in sasanic history

Rupa Banduwardena

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