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She leads!


She has transformed many a life through programs that focus on expanding women’s economic opportunities. Moving beyond paving the way to a beautiful skin, Kalaia Founder and CEO Gaya Samarasingha’s mission had always been to create a company which empowers women. She had accomplished her task through ‘Kalaia’, a skincare product line which is free from harmful chemicals and synthetic fragrances. The brand supports female entrepreneurs around the world through a Direct Sales channel.

Sri Lankan born Gaya hails from Badulla. An old girl of Mahamaya Girls’ College, Kandy, Gaya has a BA in Management Information Systems from Utah State University and an MBA on a variety of disciplines from Iowa State University to her name. She worked with several formulators and labs to formulate her products in USA.

“We have combined natural ingredients like turmeric, Centella asiatica (Goptu kola), hibiscus, cardamom, cloves, ginger etc; with modern technology and delivery systems to create an efficacious product line. These are ingredients I grew up using not only to take care of my skin but also in our daily diet. These ingredients have amazing anti-aging, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties. They are great at controlling oil, increase skin hydration, and brighten your skin,” Gaya elaborated.

Kalaia currently offers five products: Detox & Balance – cleansing bar, Fresh Canvas – exfoliating powder, Keep Smooth – day and night serum, Hold Tight – overnight moisturizer and Revitalizing Glow – facial treatment.

“The brand name is a combination of two Greek words that represented the two pillars of the company: ‘Kalon’ meaning beauty that is more than skin deep, the inner beauty and the personality of a person, which represents the female entrepreneurs who are building a home-based business with Kalaia and ‘Gaia’ which denotes the Mother Earth which represents our unique and natural ingredients,” Gaya explained.

She notes that what sets Kalaia apart from other cosmetic brands is that they provide a simple, efficacious skincare regimen made with unique natural ingredients from around the world.

“Our products focus on improving the overall health and wellness of the skin using ingredients that have been used in skin care rituals for thousands of years. That’s why our customers with different skin types, skin tones and skin concerns are seeing incredible results with one simple regimen,” said the talented entrepreneur who is based in Utah, South Jordan.

She notes that the niche product line that addresses the needs of the modern-day consumer is Kalaia’s success formula.

“They want simplicity. No one have the time to be consistent with a seven-step skincare regimen), results, and clean products without the toxic ingredients. Finding the initial funding for Kalaia during the first stages of the project was the most challenging part of my journey. I do what I do for the women who rely on Kalaia to build a business, pay their bills and even to put food on the table,” she said adding that her passion is to change lives through the Kalaia Cares charitable program.

Around one percent of all Kalaia sales go towards providing micro-loans to female owned businesses. Within the 15 months that they have been in business, Kalaia has funded 14 micro-loans.

Speaking about the Revitalizing Glow, the latest product in the Kalaia range Gaya says that it is a weekly treatment inspired by Japanese and Korean beauty secrets that can be used at home without having to go to the salon to get a facial.

Queried whether Kalaia has any plans to expand to areas beyond skincare Gaya notes, “We are currently focused on expanding our skincare line to make it a full offering but sky is the limit as we grow as a company. We will strategically expand into other product categories and will bring efficacious products made with unique natural ingredients, regardless of the category we decide to expand into.”

Gaya’s father had been employed in the public service sector while her mother had been a successful entrepreneur. It is her entrepreneurial flair which had inspired young Gaya.

“She owned many businesses throughout her career including a yoghurt company called ‘Mihiri’, She owns a cut foliage business (Liyanora Foliage) based in Dompe at present,” Gaya adds with fondness.

Her brother too is an entrepreneur who is based in USA. Her husband is an executive at a company based in Utah. She has a five-year-old daughter.

“Make sure you find your “why?”, make a commitment, and get started. Your why will carry you through the hard times on this journey; and don’t wait for the perfect time, all the knowledge, and enough money to get started. Your perfect time is when you make the commitment to make it happen,” are Gaya’s words of wisdom to youth with innovative ideas and entrepreneurial skills.

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