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‘Mission Mangal’ belongs to its female actors

Nithya Menon, who is making her Bollywood debut with ‘Mission Mangal’, is glad to have chosen this project as her first Hindi film.

"I wanted to debut in a good film and I have always followed that in the South. We all worked as a team on the film. We used to eat together. Akshay would insist we eat together and he would get food for us. I felt welcomed and accepted here. I did not feel like this is my first film in Hindi."

Akshay, who is increasingly focusing on films with a patriotic or social backdrop, said the last time a film that enlightened him was Airlift.

"I was unaware about 170,000 people being rescued from Kuwait. Our industry should make more such stories that remain untold. I request you to show this film to your kid. It is about science and we are proud to make India's first space film," Akshay said.

"It is a story of these ladies, it is a real story."

Vidya Balan, who plays a scientist involved in the Mangalyaan mission, fell in love with the story the moment Director Jagan Shakti and Producer R Balki narrated the script.

Vidya revealed it is the first film in her career when she said 'yes' immediately.

"This story needed to be told. We Indians do not wear our pride on our sleeves for our country. I am glad that more films are being made that make us aware what a great nation we are," Vidya said.

"When I roam around the world, I see people are so proud of their nation or heritage. If there is anyone who needs to be proud, it is us. Our culture, our history and our achievements are great and we should start celebrating them. I am glad our movies are doing that and Mission Mangal is doing that," Vidya added.


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