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Health check on school canteens at start of school term

Special investigation teams from the Education Ministry along with Public Health Inspectors (PHI’s) will visit school canteens at the beginning of the new school term to inspect them and see whether they are properly maintained, Education Minister Akila Viraj Kariyawasam has announced. Schools re-open for the third term today.

Speaking at a meeting of Kurunegala District journalists, Minister Kariyawasam said on Friday that the school canteens at all government schools would be inspected to check whether they meet the required sanitary and health conditions.

“Many school students are reported to be suffering from health problems due to wrong food habits. A number of school canteen owners have been reported to be selling junk food and artificial soft drinks to students. Many students are now suffering from diabetics, heart and other health problems. Considering this situation, the Education Ministry sent a special circular in 2015 to all school heads explaining the instructions required in this regard, but many school canteen owners have not followed the guidelines given in that circular,” the Minister said.

Minister Kariyawasm said that about 1,500 officers from the Education Ministry and the Health Ministry will jointly launch this operation to ensure healthy and wholesome food items for students at school canteens countrywide.

“School Development Societies have also the authority and legal power to inspect the school canteens and hence, parents, teachers and school principals are requested to take the lead in this regard,” Minister Kariyawasm added.

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