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Santin Gunawardena

Small-made giant on the stage

One of the utmost universal qualities of successful professional working actors is that they play well with others and they’re able to make genuine acquaintances with everyone on set. They’re truly good people, passionate, purpose-driven and dedicated sans ego. They always handle themselves with grace and dignity and they dare to bring their personalities to every role entrusted. One such inimitable actor who had conquered the stage, mini and silver screen with consummate luxury for over a half a century is celebrated actor Santin Gunawardena.

Santin possessed an authoritative vision for his future in store after he was selected for the first stage play Janelaya in 1962. His commitment to work towards that vision every day, the belief that it’s possible, putting service above self with creativity. Hunuwataye Kathawa (Caucasian Circle) was staged initially in 1967; the role of Simon Sashawa (soldier) was portrayed by Santin Gunawardena alongside Grusha portrayed by Manel Jayasena uninterruptedly for 28 years with about 3000 stage appearances. It is learnt that when Manel passed away Santin had been so flabbergasted unable to face even an interview to the national radio. With his abundance of vocal skills the popular stage song Yuddeta Mama Giya Geni Gedera Thiya adding a spectacle to his character.

creative envisaging

Born on April 14, 1938 in Nagoda in Kalutara district had his primary education was at Maha Heenatiyangala Vidyalaya in the village before entering Kalutara Tissa Madhya Maha Vidyalaya in 1949 after triumphing in the scholarship examination. The astrologer who had read his future had predicted him to excel in sports, singing and creative envisaging being a well-recognized individual in society. Santin had excelled sports in cricket, athletics and studies. In 1955 he had passed the SSC in the English medium. While representing Tissa Madhya Maha Vidyalaya in cricket had performed admirably in the annual big match, the famous big match battle of the mangosteens in Kalutara in the years 1956 and 1957 had shone as a dependable opening batsman while in the annual big matches versatile singer Narada Dissasekera had excelled for Kalutara Vidyalaya.

Apart from been a cricketer Santin had shown immense skill in athletics. In the year 1956 had been adjudged as the best athlete among schools in the western province having been the champion high jumper, second in the triple jump and been a member of the winning 4 X 400 relay team. Santin had confessed that no one in his family had excelled in sports or in arts to verify it is not genetic. Just after leaving school had joined as a Cartographer at Narahenpita Survey Department. It is pertinent to state that Santin had shone in indoor sports also like carom and bridge winning many trophies, was the indoor games champion in the Survey Department. During the years 1964 to 1977 Santin had exposed his talent carrying the accountability in organizing the events for the State Athletic Association. Santin had entered the stage by a sheer quirk in 1962. During his tenure at Surveyor Department, he had participated in group singing at sports festivals and had been renowned for singing talent. Through his colleague, Shelton Silva, he had got an opening to portray a role of ‘Akasa’ as the actor selected to portray ‘Putupala’ had withdrawn unable to sing Me Thiyenne Kanthoruwa Weda Arabana Kanthoruwa, in Henry Jayasena’s first play Janelaya in 1962. This unanimous decision of Shelton was Santin’s beginning after which he was a sought after been nominated thereafter for every play of legendary Henry Jayasena. However, Santin had to surpass an audition steered by musician Somadasa Elvitigala, which he had achieved commendably.

best Cartographer

It is reported that at that time the survey department had been the nucleus for so many artistes to bloom. Santin who was a Cartographer at survey department had been bestowed a scholarship to the Netherlands from 1975 to 1976 where such personnel in 22 countries had participated. Santin bought laurels to Sri Lanka been adjudicated the best Cartographer in the entire batch. It was Santin who had designed the Colombo map for the Municipal Council in a new design in 1974.

Santin tied his nuptial knot with Gunawathie Ramawickrema on March 4, 1968, an employee of prestigious Bank of Ceylon also a stage actress having been in love for eight years. Santin had introduced creative Gunie to Henry Jayasena’s Manoranjana Wedawarjana and subsequently to Hunuwataye Kathawa( The Caucasian Circle, portraying three roles viz Nataliya, Grusha’s in law, mother in law) and several other plays like Apata Puthe Magak Nethe, Janelaya, Makara, Diriya Mawa Saha Eyage Daruwo and Thahanam Deshaya in which her portrayals were applauded. The duo’s only Daughter Jayadhari had also acted in Janelaya as Miss Karadasi and in Hunuwataye Kathawa as the elderly lady. Santin had been a sought-after stage actor. Several directors had come to his office in a quest for him requesting him to portray roles. One such significant juncture was when Simon Nawagaththegama offered a role in Suba SahaYasa. He had come to invite to portray Doratu Palakaya role, opposite to king’s role portrayed by Upali Attanayake. This was another feather in his cap as the role further substantiated his apt.

Santin had directed seven short teledramas apart from acting in them. He had also portrayed roles in films such as Arumosam Wesi and Sivarangasena. Santin had once confessed that one can teach technology, but one cannot teach creativity. This advice from him was to all novices to have creativity in mind if they are to impress in this field. In his twilight years had quipped that there are virtuous signals sprouted by young actors which is good for the industry.

lifetime recognition

Appreciation of Santin Gunawardena of 50 years of stage dominance was appropriately organized was held at Tower hall foundation at Savusiripaya auditorium on May 31st 2012. In 2013 was awarded the once in a lifetime award the Natya Keerthi award presented by the cultural department by the then Minister of Cultural Affairs and Art TB Ekanayake. What is appended below are some statistics of the lifetime of achievements made by Santin to arts compiled by the authorities of the Ministry of cultural affairs and Arts. Was introduced to Henry Jayasena by colleague Shelton Silva at Survey department in 1962 was selected to portray a role in Henry Jayasena’s. Janelaya on April 29, 1962. After which for every Henry Jayasena plays for Santin was a walk in the park. Then was drafted to Kuweni in 1964/1965 Thawath Udesanak Ahas Maliga, Kuweni, Hunuwataye Kathawa. Apata Puthe Magak Nethe, Diriya Mawa Saha Ege Daruwo and Sarana Siyothse Puthuni HambaYanna. The popular dramas other than Henry Jayasena’s were Raththaran Putha, Sigiri Kashyapa, Suba SahaYasa, Sirith Wirith, Julius Caesar and

Sambada Mama Rasputin. It needs to be emphasized that Santin had won several awards for directing dramas for festivals organized jointly by the Eksath Bauddha Bala Mandalaya and the National Housing Development Authority. He had collected awards for first place in seven short dramas like Kanakok Handa, Wera, Peni Walalu etc. Santin had acted in Teledramas like Dhamma Jagoda’s Sandaka Kathawak, Bandula Vithanage’s Aththa Bindei, Soma Kiriella’s Pencha Vipula Sumanasekera’s Sathange Puththu, Lester James Peries’ Giraya, Sumithra Peries’ Gehenu Lamai, Nalan Mendis’s Du Daruwo, Senehiwanthayo, Mama Novei Mama. Sanjaya Nirmal’s Divya’ etc. Veteran stage actor Santin Gunawardena for the appreciation of services rendered to the Drama in Sri Lanka was awarded the once and for all lifetime Natya Keerthi award presented by the Ministry of Cultural Affairs at the BMICH on March 15th 2013 for completing 50 years as a stage performer. At that moment Santin was on a wheelchair in his twilight daysailing from his terminal illness.

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