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Task Force for Education appointed

President Gotabaya Rajapaksa has appointed a 26 member President Task Force to look into the continuation of the education sector during the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to the Gazette Extraordinary numbered 2173/07, the President Task Force on Sri Lanka Education Affairs was appointed on April 28, 2020 exercising the powers vested in President by Article 33 of the Constitution of Sri Lanka.

The President Task Force is assigned to look into the continuation of the primary, secondary and territory education during the pandemic. It is tasked to identify and implement strategies for innovation in the field of education. The task force is also assigned to look into distance learning strategies that could be adopted during the lock-down period, while looking into the need for IT facilitation to carry out these educational programs.  

The Government has already established an education channel on Channel Eye/Nethra. Accordingly, students can utilize this channel, which telecasts educational programmes both in Sinhala and Tamil mediums all day long.  Having considered the present pandemic situation the Government took steps to start this education channel from April 20 to assist students with their studies. This also will also help many rural students who cannot access local and foreign online resources due to the lack of computers and/or Internet facilities.

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