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George Steuart Health markets facemasks, IR thermometers

With Sri Lanka’s police-imposed curfew gradually relaxing and life being brought back to the island in the coming weeks, George Steuart Health has stepped forward to aid in a safe transition back to normal life for the citizens of this country.

Ranked among the top five pharmaceutical firms in the island, George Steuart Health is committed to delivering the best healthcare solutions at the most affordable prices.

In response to public demand for safety equipment amid the COVID-19 pandemic, GS Health is proud to market locally manufactured 3-ply disposable face masks and is the first to introduce infrared forehead thermometers to Sri Lanka.

The surgical face masks are 175mm x 95mm in size and comprises three layers for added safety – the outer layer is made of a spun-bound polypropylene to prevent liquid splashing, the filter layer is made of melt-blown polypropylene, and the inner material is made of non-woven, lint-free fabric to absorb moisture.

George Steuart Health is the first company to introduce infrared digital thermometers imported from Lepu Medical Technology featuring certified, high-quality German probes to the local market, and will continue to market the product to consumers and corporates in the coming weeks.

These non-contact thermometers have zero risk of cross-contamination, with certified high-quality probes from Germany displaying temperatures on the screen in one second, making it one of the safest methods of reducing threats in areas with high footfall such as offices.

The thermometers also have two measurement modes that allow users to scan both humans and objects, and comes with a 2-year warranty for all products.

Keeping in mind the country’s vulnerable position during this global pandemic, George Steuart Health brings to the market high-quality, reliable and trustworthy safety equipment to be used by corporates and individuals alike.

George Steuart Group of Companies (George Steuarts) is Sri Lanka’s oldest mercantile establishment, having been established.

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