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Heavy rains to continue

The Department of Meteorology in a weather advisory has warned that the South Western parts of the island are likely to experience increased rainfall in the coming days with precipitation of more than 150 mm in certain places.

The Department of Meteorology issuing a special advisory for heavy rain, strong winds, and rough seas noted that the formation of a low-pressure area over South East Bay of Bengal and adjoining South Andaman sea area, is likely to intensify.

The Department stated the low pressure area over southeast Bay of Bengal and neighborhood is likely to developed into a depression over same region during next 12 hours and further intensify into a cyclonic storm over southern Bay of Bengal today (16). It is very likely to move northwestwards initially till 17th and then re-curve north-northeastwards towards North Bay of Bengal during May 18-May 20.

The Natural Hazards Early Warning Centre at the Department of Meteorology predicts heavy falls exceeding 100 mm in the Western, Sabaragamuwa, Southern and Central provinces. The department also said that the wind speed could increase up to 40 – 50 Kmph in the Southern part of the island. For coastal areas, a sudden increase of wind speed up to 60-70 Kmph is predicted; especially off the Southern and Eastern coastal belt. The Department has requested people living in landslide-prone areas to be vigilant.

Meanwhile fishing and naval communities have been advised against venturing into the deep seas as well as shallow areas extending from Galle to Batticaloa via Hambantota from yesterday evening onwards. The Fishing community is requested to be vigilant and attentive regarding these forecasts before venturing into high seas.

The Fisheries Department has stated in a communiqué that all multi-day fishing trawlers are prohibited from venturing into the seas due to the inclement weather condition. The seas around the Island can be fairly rough and the sea area extending from Colombo to Pottuvil via Galle and Hambantota will be rough at times. Temporary strong gusty winds up to 70-8- Kmph and very rough seas can be expected during thundershowers. The Irrigation Department also issued an early flood warning yesterday to areas connecting to several river basins, following the heavy rains predicted due to the low pressure areas over southeast Bay of Bengal. Accordingly, the warning is applicable to catchment areas at river basins of Mee Oya, Deduru Oya, Aththanagalu Oya, Kelani, Kalu, Benthara, Gin and Nilwala rivers, Kirama Oya and Uruboku Oya.

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