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PAFFREL to deploy 3,045 observers at polling centres

The People’s Action for Free and Fair Elections is to deploy a team of 3,045 observers to monitor election activities at polling stations from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., tomorrow.

Furthermore, 260 mobile monitoring vehicles will also be deployed, and there will be 1,092 observers for the 260 mobile vehicles, PAFFREL stated in a press release, yesterday. In addition, 25 observers each will be deployed at counting centres, as well as where results are announced, they added.

Meanwhile, a PAFFREL representative has been appointed to each complaint centre in each district, while a team of two persons, including an experienced lawyer, has been appointed to the National Election Complaints Centre at the main election office in Rajagiriya. In addition, a 24-hour Complaints Unit has also been set up at the PAFFREL Head Office, the statement read.

PAFFREL also highlighted that malicious rumours may spread to disrupt voting on the Election Day. They urged voters not to be misled by them and only trust the official announcements made by the Election Commission. Furthermore, PAFFREL urged all the candidates to abide by Election Laws on the Election Day.

PAFFREL also requested the public to elect a team of intelligent representatives capable of performing the role of a Parliamentarian; knowledgeable members who can legislate, formulate policies, and responsibly manage public finances.

Even though representatives are elected to Parliament only for five years, if we fail to elect a qualified and suitable team, the survival of the country, for decades to come, will be challenged by the wrong decisions made by them, the statement read.


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