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BIA ready to open after completion of repatriation process

The Bandaranaike International Airport(BIA) is ready to open for travellers, as soon as the repatriations of Sri Lankans are completed, Media Secretary to the Ministry of Tourism Pradeep Anura Kumara said yesterday (28).

Even though there was indefinite opening in August and the first week of September, he added, “There were no dates fixed for the opening, due to the repatriation process happening and thereafter the availability of quarantine centres.

Kumara said the matter has been put forward to the cabinet, and what measures will be implemented to open the airport as soon as possible. The Cabinet hasn’t responded to the matter yet.

“As a ministry, we are ready to carry out the necessary measures to open the airport within 24 hours, in keeping with the health guidelines by the Ministry of Health, and other safety precautions, once we are given the green light”.

He concluded by saying that the ministry is ready to open the airport, but repatriation is still ongoing, and the availability quarantine centres and the wait for five hours after PCR test is done, are matters to look into, all this had delayed in the opening of the airport.