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LAUGFS Gas launches ‘Hasaralla Mawana Nil Della’ campaign

Chaminda Ediriwickrama
Chaminda Ediriwickrama

LAUGFS Gas PLC, one of Sri Lanka’s most trusted pioneers in providing innovative and convenient LPG solutions has recently revealed its latest campaign, ‘Hasaralla Mawana Nil Della’. The campaign was initiated on August 14 and is available via dealers island-wide.

Customers will be able to contact the LAUGFS Gas hotline to inquire about retailers participating in the campaign.

Throughout the campaign, customers will receive a free refill or a discount for every new purchase of a 12.5 kg cylinder and a free refill or discount on new purchases of a 5 kg cylinder.

The campaign is also active in rural areas as LAUGFS Gas has deployed special teams to communicate and assist in the delivery of this special campaign. Customers can place their orders via the LAUGFS Gas hotline or through its online purchasing platform with the opportunity to pay via cash on delivery or through cards.

Commenting on the campaign, Director and Chief Executive Officer of LAUGFS Gas PLC, Chaminda Ediriwickrama, said, “Through the Hasaralla Mawana Nil Della’ campaign, we want to promote the conversion to LPG as the primary cooking fuel in the households of our nation. LPG is one of the cleanest sources of fuel for domestic use, however, the majority of households continue to use alternative methods. Increased adoption of LPG as the primary cooking fuel, results in a cleaner atmosphere and better health for households.”

The campaign was initiated as LAUGFS Gas joins in the celebrations of its founding company, LAUGFS Holdings Limited, as the group celebrates its 25th anniversary.

The objective of the Hasaralla Mawana Nil Dalla’ campaign is to promote LPG as a safe and convenient domestic cooking fuel and improving the affordability and accessibility of LPG cylinders island-wide. This campaign is the latest in LAUGFS Gas’s ongoing initiatives to increase the usage of LPG as a cleaner source of fuel for households in Sri Lanka.

“As we look back on nearly 20 years as a part of LAUGFS Holdings Limited, we at LAUGFS Gas are humbled by the trust our customers place in us. Our customer’s experience remains our primary focus in all of our operations as we provide unmatched service excellence and reliability. We wanted to truly celebrate this special occasion by providing more opportunities for local communities to get into LPG as a cleaner and safer fuel for domestic uses” said Ediriwickrama.