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LearnWare partners STEMpedia, India

To introduce Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning for children
Some of the participants at the webinar
Some of the participants at the webinar

LearnWare, a tech driven learning space for children from all backgrounds, to learn the Art of Coding (computer programming) introduced Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning programs for children in partnership with STEMpedia, India.

This is in an effort to eliminate the barriers of Coding in young children while creating awareness on the need to learn the crucial 21st century skills in order to thrive in this digital world.

“LearnWare’s coding programs are thoughtfully put together to spark the interest of young minds and make their learning fun! LearnWare strongly believes children are fast learners and with the right guidance and support they can be set out to achieve just anything in life,” an official said.

STEMpedia, India, is a globally acclaimed STEM education provider that works with tech education service providers internationally providing quality products & training services.

LearnWare hosted a free webinar for parents and children recently to create an awareness on the importance of introducing Artificial Intelligence to the current generation of children. The webinar was conducted by the Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer of STEMpedia, Pankaj Verma, who introduced simple concepts of Artificial Intelligence and highlighted the fact that this technology is being used in everyday life without much realization.

Artificial intelligence is the design of intelligent computers which can mimic human intelligence. It is the science of training machines to perform human tasks. These can be identifying objects from images like humans do with the help of eyes and brain, recognizing faces, recognize and understand speech, and much more.

“Today, Artificial Intelligence is embedded in all kinds of technology, from robots to social networks.”

“LearnWare is proud to have achieved more than just coding. It has helped children develop their creativity and resilience along with other key skills such as communication, decision making, analytical thinking and many such abilities, which in turn enhances kids’ skill sets and self-confidence as they grow.”

“LearnWare strives to make parents aware of not letting their child become just a passive consumer of this technology instead become active contributors who can develop their own innovative solutions using Artificial Intelligence.