SLAF, STF raid illegal sand mining operations | Daily News

SLAF, STF raid illegal sand mining operations

Image courtesy: SLAF media unit

On the instructions of the President and on the conceptualization by the Commander of the Air Force, Air Marshal Sudarshana Pathirana, a Rapid Deployment Unit made up of SLAF Regiment Special Force (RSF), Police Special Task Force (STF) and Intelligence Operatives raided several illegal sand mining operations which were carried out near the Sittar Bridge in Mutur on Tuesday.

This joint operation was launch by the SLAF and the Special Task Force (STF) yesterday based on intelligence information obtained through SLAF Intelligence operatives and by further surveillance missioned carried out by Beach King B-200 from the No 03 Maritime Squadron.

SLAF Regiment Special Force and Special Task Force troops were inserted to the location by air from a MI-17 Helicopter where 56 illegal miners were arrested. Further, equipment such eight (08) trucks, thirteen (13) tractors, thirty-four (34) boats, thirty-seven (37) motor cycles which were used for sand mining taken in to custody during the operation. The illegal miners and the confiscated equipment were handed over to the Police for further investigations.

This new Unit will be kept on 24-hour standby readiness in order to rapidly respond to incidents and operations related to environmental destruction, drug smuggling and other various illegal operations.