Prof .Vandana Shiva hails Lanka’s decision to ban chemical fertilizer | Daily News

Prof .Vandana Shiva hails Lanka’s decision to ban chemical fertilizer

World renowned Indian environmentalist Prof.Vandana Shiva commended the government’s decision to ban the import of chemical fertilizer on Monday.

She said Sri Lanka will become a unique country in the world, if she sticks to this policy.

“This decision will definitely help farmers become more prosperous. Use of organic fertilizer will help provide agri products rich with nutrients while retaining the fertility of the land.

She was addressing a virtual summit on organic farming for prosperous economy organized by the Plantation Institute of Sri Lanka on Monday.

She said that there is a misconception that farmers have resorted to chemical fertilizer expecting a bumper harvest in return. Prof.Shiva said that quantity is not a proper yardstick to determine the success of a cultivation.“We have to take the quality and nutrient quantities of such crops into consideration,” she said.

She was of the view that when biodiversity of the eco-system improves, the harvest will also improve and crops will be resistant to weeds and various diseases.