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Farmers request air rifles to protect crops

A majority of farmers in the Matale District request the Government to provide them with air rifles to protect their crops from animals.

“Otherwise, the rural economy will suffer a severe setback due to the damage and destruction caused by wild animals,” they say.

“Wild boar, giant squirrels and peacocks are causing extensive damage to food crops. Wild elephants are also a major threat to farmers and their crops,” farmers say. Earlier, farmers had firearms to protect their cultivations. But, during the last period of terror, their firearms were confiscated by the Government and not returned.

“As a result, over 25 percent of the entire cultivation in the district has been destroyed by the animals while other minor crops also face destruction,” farmers said.

They also stated that herds of wild elephants from the Wasgamuwa, Sigiriya and Kahalla-Pallekele Sanctuaries are invading the villages and devastating farmlands.


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