Over 3,000 suspects arrested for illegal activities | Daily News

Over 3,000 suspects arrested for illegal activities

The Police in a special operation on Saturday night arrested 3,009 suspects over various illegal activities, Police Spokesman SDIG Ajith Rohana said.

He said about 14,700 Police officers took part in the operation along with 52 Police dogs.

Among them were 641 suspects against whom there had been arrest warrants. About 580 drunk drivers were also among the arrested.

Another 98 suspects had been arrested in connection with various crimes. About 1,200 of the suspects were arrested over dangerous drugs and narcotics. Five persons had been arrested for possessing illegal firearms. He said 5,600 cases of violating traffic laws had been detected during the operation.

About 431 suspects had been arrested on suspicion of involvement in illegal activities.

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