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Colombo mayor appreciates voluntary movement of business communities

Mayor of the Colombo Municipal Council Rosy Senanayake appreciated the voluntary movement of the business community of closing businesses despite the losses incurred and urged people to refrain from entering Colombo except for an emergency.

She said that the business communities' decision was solely taken by them to reduce the spread of COVID-19 for the betterment of our citizens.

She noted that while the health sector was working hard to control the spread of COVID-19, their decision to prevent people from coming to the cities in support of it was a "commendable act".

Senanayake also added that after considering the prediction reports of the World Health Organization and the Sri Lankan medical experts, suspending businesses and other services is the most effective decision that can be arrived at this crucial juncture.

“ At present, all hospitals in the country are at full capacity, and only a small number of intensive care unit beds reserved for severe patients remain. The number of infections per day exceeds 3,500, and the number of deaths has reached the limit of 170. The University of Jayewardenepura has confirmed that 98% of the patients reported from Colombo are of the Delta variant. The university also says that three mutations of the Delta variety have been found in Sri Lanka, and these three mutations were found in and around Colombo. Therefore I kindly request to refrain from entering Colombo” she said .

She also added that a very well functioning health service is present in the country, and the only issue is the rising number of patients that is uncontrollable.

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