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New South Afican strain, a threat - Dr. Jeewandara

There is a possibility that the new strain of the deadly COVID virus, which is currently spreading in South Africa, entering Sri Lanka any time, an expert warned.

Sri Jayawardhnapura University’s Allergy, Immunology and Cell Biology Institute Director Dr. Chandima Jeewandara said although the variant had not entered the country yet, it was imperative to follow the COVID control health advice, including wearing proper face masks, to protect against it.

He said the vaccine would provide some protection to people against the virus, but that new strains of the virus could not be prevented until the majority of the world have been vaccinated.

He pointed out that while New Zealand had placed strict restrictions preventing COVID infected persons from entering the country and had vaccinated their population, even they could not prevent the South African deadly virus strain from entering their country.

He said that although the Alpha and Delta variants were prevented from entering Sri Lanka, infections were later reported from society and it was practically impossible to completely shut down the country.

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