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Paddy hoarders brought to book

The Government will confiscate all stocks of paddy that is illegally hoarded by unregistered rice mill owners and other unscrupulous traders to create an artificial shortage of rice in the country to exploit consumers to satisfy the whims of certain bankrupt politicians and unpatriotic elements, said Agriculture Minister Mahindananda Aluthgamage.

He said it is unfair to exploit innocent consumers by hoarding rice and sugar. About 10,562 tons of sugar that were illegally hoarded at private business premises has been confiscated by Consumer Affairs Authority (CAA) officials.

About 158 unregistered rice mill owners countrywide have also been nabbed for selling at high prices.
Legal action would be taken against all of them to save the innocent consumers from being exploited by cunning businessmen,” Minister Aluthgamage said in Kurunegala today.

The Minister also went on an inspection tour of organic fertilizer plants in the Kurunegala District.

He added that farmers of the Kurunegala District are now ready to manufacture about 40,000 metric tons of organic fertilizer during this month (September) under the patronage of the Agriculture Ministry

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