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Suspect arrested for alleged murder

The post-mortem examination conducted at the Dambulla Denzil Kobbekaduwa Base Hospital on Monday into the death of a youth revealed that the victim suffered trauma due to injuries sustained to the head and internal organs.

The deceased was a 23-year-old soldier residing at Jalasa Para, Dambulla.

According to the Police investigations, the victim had been taken away by a gang of four in a vehicle, severely assaulted and handed over to the custody of a monk residing at the Unapaduruyaya temple, saying he (youth) was responsible for breaking open the pin-pettiya of the temple. Then, the monk informed the Police and handed the youth over to the Police.

The youth who was taken by the Police to the Denzil Kobbekaduwa Base Hospital in Dambulla died.

Police investigations further revealed that the youth was not responsible for any theft. The postmortem examination revealed that the death was caused due to severe injuries caused to the head and internal organs. “One suspect has been arrested in connection with the murder, while the other suspects are absconding,” Police said. Dambulla Police are investigating.


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