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KOICA launches Capacity Building Programme

The Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) together with the Korea Educational Development Institute and the Korea Maritime and Port Logistics Research Institute launched two online training programmes on Capacity Building for Survey Analysis Utilization of Educational Statistics and Capacity building for Improvements of Human resources and Ocean related Legal Systems for selected Government officials in the Education Ministry and the Sri Lanka Navy. The programmes has been launched on September 7 and will continue for 8 days.

Throughout these two training programmes, the knowledge of Korean

teaching methods for collecting and managing educational statistical data, Korea’s maritime law systems and experiences, methodologies to improve maritime law and alternative judicial

systems among others will be provided.

KOICA has always considered education as a priority in the partner countries and the main objective of KOICA’s fellowship programme is to enhance effectiveness of Sri Lankan Government officials and provide opportunities for the participants to gain knowledge in their field of interest and to disseminate the knowledge with other local colleagues.

KOICA believes trainees will be able to share Korea’s Development experience and systematic knowledge for positive policy level changes and improvement of the respective sectors where the participants are involved with.

KOICA Country Director of Sri Lanka Kang Youn Hwa said that “Due to the limitations of conducting face to face invitational trainings in Korea under the COVID 19 pandemic, they had to convert the short term invitational training programmes to online training programmes. “However, I believe that you will get the maximum out of this online fellowship training programme,” she said.

She encouraged trainees to actively participate in the training.

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