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Country’s economic situation in dire straits - SJB

Opposition Leader Sajith Premadasa focused serious attention towards the country’s deteriorating economic situation and said due to the bad financial management, the Cost-Of-Living Index has gone up.

He said the country has once again come to the era when people had to purchase essential commodity items using coupons and also lining up in queues.

The Opposition Leader said not only the country’s economic situation but also the health situation is also going from bad to worse and the Government will have to take the sole responsibility for this. He said at the time when the Government came into power many rich people were granted duty free facilities and allowed to earn colossal sums. “As a result the Government lost a large sum of income and due to this people today have to face immense economic hardships.” he said.

Opposition Leader Premadasa also mentioned the changing of Ministerial

portfolios and said this is not the solution to improve the country’s economy downfall.Meanwhile Samagi Jana Balawegaya (SJB) donated Rs. 3.5 million worth essential medical equipment to Tissamaharama Base Hospital for the benefit of Covid-19

infected patients currently receiving treatments. Opposition Leader Sajith Premadasa handed over the equipment to Hospital’s consultantsurgeon Dr. Prabath Weerasinghe.

The Opposition Leader distributed one Image Plate and Cassette, one Prime T 2 Image Digitizer, one FCR Prime Console machine and a Drypix Imger contained in the Fuji Computed Radiography System Machine under the `Jana Suwaya’ project initiated by SJB.Dr. Weerasinghe said these equipment were needed at this moment for Covid-19 infected patients in the hospital.The Opposition Leader said the SJB had earlier donated over Rs.74.9 million worth medical equipment to several hospitals countrywide and more equipment will be distributed to other hospitals in the coming months. He said the SJB is expected to donate more medical equipment to other hospitals with the objective of providing maximum health protection to all needy patients.

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