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TNA complains of land grabs in Vavuniya

Tamil National Alliance (TNA) MP M.A Sumanthiran said on Saturday that the lands which have been occupied by the Tamils for decades in Vavuniya have been demarcated as lands belonging to Sinhalese in the Vavuniya Divisional Secretariat division.

Sumanthiran and TNA Batticaloa District MP Chanakyan Rasamanikkam visited several areas in Vavuniya and made these remarks regarding these land disputes. According to the Forest Conservation Act, forest officials have the power to take action but they have taken over the areas where the people have been living for decades. He said that official have set up boundaries in the areas where people used to graze their cattle. He said he hoped to discuss the matter with the Divisional Secretaries first.An alternative course of action would be taken if a solution cannot be found, he said.Responding to questions from the media, Sumanthiran said that the TNA had sent a letter to the Human Rights Council in Geneva, which was signed by party leader R.Sampanthan and no one will break the decisions taken by the TNA as an Alliance.

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