Students affected by Govt’s import regulations - Wijewardene | Daily News

Students affected by Govt’s import regulations - Wijewardene

The Government has deprived school students of their right to free education by imposing import regulations on communication devices which are crucial for online education at this juncture, said United National Party Deputy Leader Ruwan Wijewardene.

He was speaking during an online meeting of UNP political activists held yesterday (13).

Wijewardene pointed out that due to these regulations, the prices of mobile phones and laptops may increase by two to three fold.

“The Government must find a proper solution for those injustices caused to the poor students,” he added. He also said when the Yahapalana Government introduced the programme to issue free tablet computers to school students, the Opposition, who is in power today opposed it as they wanted to keep the poor children of this country as their bigots forever.

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