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Apples from Ampara

Apples produced in Western Countries and imported to Sri Lanka can be grown in areas such as the Ampara District. This has been proved by retired Co-operative Development Officer A.L.A. Gaffoor of Addalaichenai by successfully growing apples in Ampara using organic fertilizer.

Gaffoor said that he planted a few apple trees known as ‘Masan’ in his garden in the Addalaichenai Beach Road nearly two years ago and maintained them with utmost care. He used organic fertilizer on the concept of President Gotabaya Rajapaksa’s “Let’s use organic fertilizer and prosper a chemical free Country”.

As a result, the plants produced a large quantity of fruits. The harvest he reaped a couple of days has 75 fruits. There are flowers and smaller fruits in the other branches of the trees as well. He has given the harvested fruits to his friends and relatives.

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