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Reopening of schools in four stages

Secretary to the Ministry of Education Professor Kapila Perera said that the reopening of Schools will be done in four stages.

He said a technical committee has been set up combining the Covid-19 Prevention Presidential Task Force, the Ministry of Health and the Education Ministry officials to recommend measures for reopening of schools and it will be done based on decisions made by this committee.

The Education ministry Secretary was speaking at a media briefing held today organized by the Department of Government Information to raise awareness among the people on reopening of schools with the Covid threat gradually reducing.

Since vaccination of children below 12 years of age is not necessary, classes from Grades 1 to 5 at 3,884 schools will be reopening under the first stage.

Professor Perera said that as soon as decisions of the technical committee are received, children in groups aged 12-15 and 16-19 will be vaccinated with the consent of Consultant Pediatricians.

The preparation for reopening of schools in each province and district will be reviewed within the upcoming week by officials connected to the fields of education and health at provincial, district and regional levels.

The Secretary to the Ministry of Education said that taking into account views expressed by these personnel and based on recommendations of the Ministries of Health and Education, schools will be reopened once travel restrictions are lifted.

The Secretary also expressed his views on issuing of the GCE Ordinary Level examination results and said the results of all subjects except for aesthetic subjects were released. He said once the Covid situation is settled and schools are reopened, practical examinations will be conducted.

Professor Perera said that a circular will be issued by the Ministry of Education which will include the minimum qualifications to study for the GCE Advanced Level examination, under aesthetic subjects on behalf of students who studied dancing, music, drama and acting.
In the year 2020, 170,000 students sat for aesthetic subjects at the GCE O Level.

Students from among these who have passed 05 subjects together with two Credits and attained a proficiency level of 1, 2 or 3 under school-based evaluations will be permitted to study for the GCE A Level until such time the practical examinations can be held.

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