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Katina Cheevara Pooja

Katina Cheevara Pooja is the climax of the period of Vassana
The highest merit bestowing ceremony in Buddha sasana

Ceremonial offering of robes to Sangha on this day
Is called the Katina Cheevara Pooja held the very best way

As laid down by Lord Buddha, it continues to date
As a widespread, sacred Buddhist ceremony to celebrate

This is considered the most wholesome out of Atamaha Kusal
Helping to ward off and supress the ill effects of four hells

In religious annals Katina Pooja is of profound significance
Creating within a new spirit and a glorified experience

The Sangha is entitled to the receipt of Katina robe
And it is performed as a highest punyakarma full of hope

This is the outcome of the special religious awakening
Consequent to Vassana, reflecting its true meaning

Katina Pooja, the culmination of the Vassana season
Witness Sangha and the laity working in unison

This had more depth and meaning during Buddha era
With spirituality radiating all over creating a golden era

Buddha believed; environment filled with Dhamma fragrance
Will endow the laity with mental peace, bringing solace

Katina Cheevara Pooja became a very powerful act
And all aspects are governed by Vinaya rules and facts

Vinaya rules were enacted for strict compliance
Of Bhikkus to be observed with much reliance

The devotees prepare for the final event happily
Said to bless their abode, all participants and family

Devotees have to be patient being in a waiting list
Till they get their turn for the lifetime sacred event

A special place is set after house and environs are cleaned spotlessly
And desperate devotees await the Katina robe impatiently

Katina Cheevaraya, the most treasured will be in his possession
Until it is taken to the temple in a colourful procession

An illuminated vehicle wends its way through the city
Parading the streets of residents in the vicinity

Venerated by all, temple remains a glittering venue
To welcome the Katina Cheevara of religious and cultural value

The entire Sangha is offered alms as being most noteworthy
The morning and noon dana take place as a remarkable event, praiseworthy

An eye-catching creation named Kapruka is erected
Where numerous items required by the Sangha are offered

The offerings become property of Sangha which accrue merit
On laity, even a needle offered is said to give immense merit

Vassana concludes with Katinanusasana in the night
A unique period of spiritual activities performed perfectly right

Rupa Banduwardena

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