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Small veggie stalls put up shutters in Matale

The Dambulla dedicated economic centre
The Dambulla dedicated economic centre

Due to the unexpected increase in vegetable prices, the majority of the small vegetable stalls on both sides of the A9 and A6 roads in the Matale district are now closed and consumers have to look for other alternative foods for consumption.

The Dambulla dedicated economic centre, which is considered to be one of the leading vegetable markets in the country, currently receives about 500,000 kilos of vegetables daily.

The prices of certain vegetables at the Dambulla dedicated economic centre on Tuesday (16) were as follows: wholesale prices of beans were Rs. 390 to Rs. 400 per kilo, leeks Rs. 230 to Rs. 235 per kilo, carrots Rs. 190 to Rs. 200 per kilo, tomatoes Rs.300 to Rs.380 per kilo, and bitter gourd Rs.300 to Rs.350 per kilo, while a kilo of drumsticks was Rs. 230 to Rs. 240.

Pumpkin and cucumber were on sale at very low prices. The wholesale price per kilo was between Rs. 55 to Rs. 60 per kilo. The prices of a kilo of other vegetables were between Rs. 200 to Rs.250.

As a result, while the wholesale prices remain the same, retail grocery prices rose by as much as 25 percent, leaving many consumers to turn to substitutes. Traders said that a further rise in vegetable prices is inevitable in the coming months.


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