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Young blood to the fore

A discussion was conducted by the Puttalam Vettalai Asankudoos Government Muslim Vidyalaya Old Boys Association at Asankuddoos Government Muslim Vidyalaya school recently.

This discussion was organized by Clean Nation, Puttalam. The discussion was about the development of the school and the future of the area.

This discussion held in the presence of Principal J M Ilham and Vice Principal Mohideen along with the Old Boys Association of the school.

The nature of the area where the school is located and the steps to promote the school forward with that existing environment were discussed in detail.

Beyond politics, many issues were discussed such as how to get assistance for the school in future, how to connect this school with other schools, and how to create a unique identity for the school.

Clean Nation organization clarified that there are young people in the community who can think deeply and innovatively, who can find healthy solutions to problems differently, who can predict the future and turn them off before the issue arises.

It clarified that if people focus on this young bloods and give them with social positions, they can rise the society and become the ray of hope for them.

This bilateral discussion ended with the key participation of the Clean Nation organization in an environmental friendly classroom built by the Alumni Association that embraces nature.

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