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Gas leaks: Committee issues 13 point guideline

adopt practical and emergency measures
Refrain from using worn-out or decayed gas cookers

The Presidential Committee to look into the recent LP gas-related fires and explosions yesterday issued a 13-point guideline for the safety of the public until solutions are provided after a scientific analysis.

In a press release, Committee Chairman Moratuwa University Prof. Shantha Walpolage said that a total of 131 incidents related to LP gas had been reported in the country from January 1 to December 1.

Out of them, 56 incidents were related to the shattering of tempered glass on the gas cooker and the explosion of gas cookers, while 47 incidents were related to gas leakage. There had been 10 incidents where the regulator had been damaged and in another 9 cases the flexible hose had been damaged. In five cases, minor damage had occurred to gas cylinders, and the rest of the incidents were related to excessive heat.

The eight-Member Expert Committee, which conducted the first meeting at the Moratuwa   University premises on Wednesday, requested the public to practice the practical and emergency measures it has proposed to prevent possible LP gas-related accidents.

The Committee requests the public to get the cylinder checked by the sales agent at the time of buying it to confirm that it is not leaking. “If it is observed that there is a gas leak from the cylinder kept at home, move it to an outdoor place where the ventilation is good. Then inform the sales agent or the nearest police station. The Presidential Committee can also be reached from the numbers 011 5 811 927 or 011 5 811 929. Do not use unverified methods to check the cylinder until someone with technical knowledge does so, as it could lead to severe accidents,” the press release stated.

The Committee also requested the public to be extra careful when using tempered glass gas cookers and to refrain from using worn-out or decayed gas cookers. “The standard for the regulator is SLS-1180 and SLS-1172 for the hose. The recommended period of use for a regulator is five years and this period for a hose is two years,” the press release added.

The Committee requests the business places and small industries to obtain the advice of trained technicians when using LP gas in those premises to suit the temperature in those environs. “Be alert whether there is a gas smell. Remember to turn off the regulator from its leaver at night without removing it from the cylinder. Keep doors and windows open before switching on the gas cooker in the morning. Do not use electrical items or mobile phones near the gas cooker,” the Committee further advised.

The Committee commenced spot investigations yesterday by visiting several locations where LP gas related explosions had recently been reported. The Committee also requests those who have expert knowledge and the citizens who have special observations to make to write to them via Email- [email protected].

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