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Wonderful wordplay

Disney has finally stepped out of its box when moulding a Disney princess. The spirited Mirable may not have been bestowed with a magical gift but that does not dampen her sunny nature. Based in the remote mountains of Columbia this colourful canvas opens by introducing us to the Madrigal family. Each family member has unique abilities: from possessing super strength to being able to talk to animals.

Even the Madrigal family home possesses magical powers and embodies a personality of its own. A cloud is cast over their merry existence when Mirable has a mysterious vision of the house cracking up. Further disaster is spelled for the Madrigals as their magic begins to fade.

From donning a pair of oversized glasses to wearing a gay outfit, Mirable is not your average Disney princess. However she does not fail to enchant the viewers. Aptly voiced by Stephanie Beatriz who presents the best version of herself in portraying the misfit girl who is on the verge of becoming an outcast because of being magic-less ‘Encanto’ traces Mirable’s journey on her way to discovering her roots and hidden secrets.

A kaleidoscope of diverse characters is presented before the viewers in the form of Mirable’s family. You get John Leguizamo as the elusive uncle Bruno, a scene-stealer despite the character’s limited screen time. Maria Cecilia Botero is also memorable as the loving yet stern matriarch Abuela.

Though ‘Encanto’ trends along familiar territory the film’s message about finding one’s true purpose in an environment where others seem to be living perfect lives will resonate with everyone. It is the celebration of the black sheep or outcast of the family who has a good heart and fiery spirit.

Another noteworthy factor which sets ‘Encanto’ apart from other Disney princess movies is the lack of a sidekick. Though Moana’s Maui and Frozen’s Olaf play vital roles in adding meat to the storylines, we are not allowed to feel the void of an accomplice at any point.

The winning formula for ‘Encanto’ lies in its heroine. Mirabel’s magic shines through in which she has been all along: a good listener, empathetic and caring. She allows her family members to share their stories and vulnerabilities and creates a safe space for their authenticity.

With her diminutive stature, round glasses and curly hair, she is like a mini super-therapist for her family; indeed, sometimes finding that person who allows you to be yourself, whatever that may be, does feel like the greatest gift of all.

This is Disney’s 60th animation motion picture and it brings a refreshing change to its viewers from its recent entrants ‘Frozen’ and ‘Raya and the Last Dragon’. The infectious tunes which go along with the film will stay with the audience for a long time.

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