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Towards equality

Head Prefect, Prince of Wales’ College, Moratuwa, Venura Aponso respects equality. He is a believer in equality. Sadly, this is a quality many in the world lack. Perfect Prefect features Aponso, who says he always focuses on the best, the brightest and the biggest ideas.

Indeed, Aponso has every reason to be confident. He believes in his juniors. He listens to what other people say. He is always willing to learn. These are the attributes of a great leader. If you know that your leader believes in you, that really boosts your confidence. If you know that your leader is placing his trust in you that can make you feel that you can attempt anything in life. That is why Aponso is such a strong leader. He believes in his team and they also believe in him.

Head Boy  Venura Aponso

One leader that he admires is Martin Luther King Jr. who once said, “I have a dream that my four children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.” Aponso points out that MLK was a believer in equality, and he was a people’s person.

King’s sentiments can be called a universal truth. They apply to all segments of humankind. We live in a world where people do not put a premium on character. They might be more concerned with whether you are a blue collar worker or a white collar worker. They may even be concerned with the language you speak as many societies are multilingual. They may even treat you differently based on your race or even because of your religion. Every human should be treated equally. Saying this might sound cliché, but it is true - we are different in our own special way. Unfortunately, only very few realize this. Each of us should be treated with respect and dignity. People like MLK saw this and that is something rare.

“Relationships are based on four principles: respect, understanding, acceptance and appreciation.”___ Gandhi

Even Gandhi saw this. His quotation includes everything Aponso believes in. The importance of respect and the importance of character. Both Gandhi and MLK’s quotes are strikingly similar when you think of it.

It has already been said that rather than focusing on smaller and less exciting ideas he likes to focus on the best, brightest and biggest ideas.

“Before doing something I always make plans for all the possible outcomes. I am very proactive. I never hesitate to take a step back when it is needed. And when I take a step back, I plan to take 10 steps forward. When leading a team, I always obey the rules. I believe in jointly achieving targets with the rest of my team members. When it comes to leadership, strategy is very important. You also need to take the right decisions at the right time. I always have a plan. This is because I am able to anticipate what situation may arise,” said Aponso.

Indeed, making decisions at the correct time and anticipating what might happen, means half the battle is won. You also need to have a proper plan.

Wearing the Head Prefect badge pinned by Suhada Gamlath, a distinguished old Cambrian at the Prefects Investiture 2021

“I always treat everyone equally because I respect equality. I’m a humble person and I prefer being exemplary rather than giving orders. Achieving goals, makes me look good and is good for my leadership, but I feel that if you want to give back to your school and country, then it is important that you groom other students to become leaders. I always make sure that my juniors gain experience when it comes to school activities. I always help my juniors balance their duties as well as their studies because there is no point in having an uneducated leader,” pointed out Aponso.

Aponso admires Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft. Aponso shares with us certain facts about Bill Gates which some of us may not know. It wasn’t until the age of 13 that Gates saw his first computer at school. By the age of 20, he was able to co-found Microsoft with his friend. He always learned from his mistakes and today nearly 120,000 people are working under him.

Annual blood donation campaign organized by the Prefects Guild of Prince Of Wales 2020

“The kid who didn’t see a computer by the age of 13, became the richest person in the world by the age of 40. I’m inspired by what he achieved in his life and I admire him a lot. I actually like to keep people motivated. I think it is so important that we respect each other. That is something that a lot of people lack nowadays. I also like taking part in social services. And that’s why I joined the Rotaract club of Moratuwa. Currently, I am the vice president of the club and I really want to make the world a better place.”

Achieving his targets gives him tremendous self-satisfaction. That is what really makes him passionate. When it comes to challenges he takes them one at a time and learns from every mistake he makes.

“I firmly believe that you should respect everyone, because that’s how you gain respect from others. You can’t gain people’s respect if you don’t know how to respect them. When it comes to leadership, balance is so important. You should learn how to balance your studies and everything else in your life. If you’re able to master this, then you can become a great leader,” added Aponso.

His dream is to start his own business, become his own leader and face more challenges in life and become successful in life.

“I’m also determined to serve my school in any way that I can in the future. My parents have always been my inspiration. They were always with me whenever I needed them. They were the ones who first held my hand and taught me to walk. They always give me advice and believe in me. They have sacrificed so much for me,” said Aponso.

Universo 19, the annual science day organized by the senior science society when he was the President
With his parents
Top board 2021


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