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Walking an extra mile

Richard de Zoysa - Chairman Walk A Mile, Rev Marc Billimoria – Warden STC, Charu Seneviratne – CEO Ideal Automobiles,  and Tilan Wickremasinghe – Secretary OBA STC
Richard de Zoysa - Chairman Walk A Mile, Rev Marc Billimoria – Warden STC, Charu Seneviratne – CEO Ideal Automobiles, and Tilan Wickremasinghe – Secretary OBA STC

S. Thomas’ College being a non profit institution has always struggled to raise funds for development and new infrastructure projects. It was with this backdrop in mind that the Old Boys Association of St Thomas’ College, Mount Lavinia created for the first time a custom made website, walkamile.stcmloba.com where each and every donation, contribution and sponsorship is clearly updated and shown.

The OBA has invited all old boys, present boys and their parents to find sponsors and participate in the Walk A Mile event which will be held over seven days from March 5 to 11, where a participant can walk a mile anywhere in the world for his Alma Mater.

This novel platform was launched at the College Hall recently in front of a toned down audience and corporate sponsors who had the opportunity of viewing the projects that are being developed and how it would benefit the present boys of the school and the future generations. An overwhelming response to the appeal made by the school culminated the business of the meeting by spontaneously raising a sum that was unprecedented by all past endeavours. In fact a special motto too has been created for this initiative – ‘For All We Have and Are’!

Richard de Zoysa - Chairman Walk A Mile, addressing the gathering at the launch

It is the Alumni of a school who will be grateful for how their Alma Mater moulded their personality and character in its Halls of learning and playing fields. The vast majority of them will want to repay their debt by leaving a lasting legacy for the future Thomian generations. This initiative was thus born, to fund three presently ongoing infrastructure development projects and bring them to a successful conclusion.

S. Thomas’ College, Mount Lavinia was one of the first schools to develop Smart Classrooms to improve teaching methods, which resulted in more effective learning by the students. Equipping 80 more classrooms with such smart boards takes priority in this worthy fund raiser.

An incomplete Senior Quadrangle Classroom Block needs final finishing and facilitating and the completion of this project is an important aspect of the school’s infrastructure development.

The Cricket Pavilion development is a necessity to provide superior dressing rooms and other complementing facilities for the College sportsmen.

The Walk A Mile Chairman Richard de Zoysa, stated at the website launch, that it was a privilege to work with a committed core committee who are dynamic and progressive. The prime movers of this project are Puritha Wijewickrama and Sanjeev Palihawadana who were responsible for the design, construction and the proper functionality of the fund raising platform, while Senaka de Fonseka and Ashean Karathelis plotted the fund raising avenues., External Communications are handled by Rukshan Kuru-Utumpala ,Shadwell Weerasinghe and Ravin Fernando and mentored by the Secretary of the OBA Tilan Wickremasinghe . The Secretary of Walk A Mile, Chandana Williams heads the all important liaison with the foreign chapters of the OBA supported by Milinda Hettiarachchi and Sriyan Jayasekera. Sudath Perera (De Silva) is entrusted with the task of inspiring the Parents and Teachers of the students to be cornerstones of this unique fund raising initiative. The Warden and the Sub Warden together with the Secretary of the OBA have been omnipresent in guiding this project from the point of concept to its’ unfolding. Manojith Weerasuriya who is the Treasurer of Walk A Mile plays the pivotal role of ensuring that all engines are firing smoothly and without blemish. This unique initiative is one to be emulated as not only do the funds generated go towards a worthy cause namely sports and academia, it also promotes health and well being.

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