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Flash Health launches mobile health app

Revolutionizing the healthcare industry of Sri Lanka, Flash Health has launched its latest feature Move, Burn and Earn on its mobile health app.

This new initiative by Flash Health aims to motivate and encourage people to stay healthy by walking more. The Initiative lets you earn while walking, as well as stay and improve your health. The more you walk the more you earn, and stay healthy as a bonus!

The Move, Burn and Earn update on the mobile app is a competitive step tracker that encourages you to walk 10,000 steps a day and earn Flash Credits on the app. The new feature will give you incentives in the form of rewards and discounts.

Flash Health launched this initiative because numerous studies recommended people to walk a minimum of 10,000 steps a day to stay healthy and fit.

“The top walkers will receive special discounts and offers of products on the platform! Now instead of paying for items you only have to walk!” a company official said.

“You can compete with others for the most number of steps walked on a daily and monthly basis. Participants of the Move, Burn and Earn initiative stand to earn up to 300 flash credits per month to be used for transactions in the Flash Health app.”

The Flash Health app will show real time steps counts and your overall statistics. In addition to the credits earned by reaching the daily step tiers, participants will be offered other discounts and gifts to the highest step count achievers each month.

Flash Health is working together with their partner outlets to give participants more offers and discounts.

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