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Govt. purchases 300,000 metric tons of paddy

The government’s program to purchase 300,000 metric tons of paddy harvest of the 2021/22 Maha Season through the Paddy Marketing Board is successfully continuing throughout the island. 
Speaking to the media today at the Government Information Department, Paddy Marketing Board Vice- Chairman Duminda Priyadarshana said that the PMB has already been able to purchase more than 35,000 metric tons of paddy within two weeks. 
He said that the National programme of purchasing paddy was implemented two weeks ago and the purchasing of 300,000 metric tons of paddy is sufficient to maintain sufficient stocks of rice and provide rice to the people at a concessionary price. 
The PMB has taken measures purchase of Nadu paddy from farmers at guaranteed prices of Rs. 90 per kg, Samba paddy at Rs. 92 per kg and Kiri Samba paddy at Rs. 95 per kg
The PMB has also taken measures to pay a transportation fee of Rs 2 per a kilo of paddy.  

During the last week of January, the Cabinet of Ministers granted its consent to implement the Government’s paddy purchasing programme during the 2021/2022 Maha Season with the objective of providing a fair price for the harvest and maintaining a secure paddy reserve by the Government.

The purchase of paddy harvest is carried out directly through the Paddy Marketing Board and by the District Secretaries/ Government Agents through the small and medium scale mill owners.

The required allocation of Rs.29,805 million for this purpose will be secured through state banks.

It was also decided to pay a compensation of Rs.25 per kg to the farmers if there is a reduction in the paddy harvest during the said season, in order to secure their income levels.

Responding to a question by a journalist, Priyadarshana said that the guaranteed price offered to the farmers has no impact on the market price of rice. “Eventhough we purchase paddy at Rs.90 per kilo, the price of a kilo of rice will not exceed Rs.200. The Government take all necessary measures to provide good quality rice products at reasonable prices for the consumers,” he said.

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