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Russia bans Facebook and Instagram under ‘extremism’ law

A Moscow court on Monday banned Facebook and Instagram and designated their parent company, Meta, as an "extremist" organization.

According to Russian media reports, the decision would be enforced immediately. 

The court ruling came after a request from prosecutors to ban the two platforms for "carrying out extremist activities." 

Russia's security service, the FSB, had demanded an "immediate" ban on Facebook and Instagram, accusing them of activities "directed against Russia and its armed forces."

Russia's media regulator had already restricted access to Facebook and blocked Instagram after Meta said it would allow social media users in Ukraine to post messages urging violence against President Vladimir Putin in light of the invasion of Ukraine.

Earlier this month, Meta had announced that its platforms would allow such statements as "death to Russian invaders," if they were posted from Ukraine, but not credible threats against civilians.

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