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York students fly high

It is no secret that York International School, Wattala is a school that offers excellent all-round education to its students. The school prepares the students to face the challenges they will encounter after they leave the portals of their school.

Education breeds confidence and this is the only reason why three of their students achieved outstanding results at the G.C.E O/L Cambridge Examination recently. The Daily News spoke to the Principal of York International School, Wattala and the three students who excelled at the examination.

Principal Srinali Perera pointed out that this is a collective effort of students as well as their dedicated teachers. She added that she is proud of these three outstanding students who excelled not only in academics but also in various extra and co-curricular activities held at intra- and inter-school levels. The parents of these students were also supportive throughout the entire process. Most importantly, York parents value both curricular and co-curricular activities which pave the way for their children to be extraordinary performers in every aspect.

“I would like to say that almost all the students who participated in the examination have received good grades as per the academic plans designed by the school tailoring to each student considering their respective standards. Education is not always theoretical. Children should be provided wholesome education through various co-curricular and extracurricular activities. They should be healthy and active both physically and mentally to produce outstanding results. We, York International School, Wattala implement many development programmes and activities frequently to prepare the students for great achievements. The level of intellectual development and discernment of having constructive experience in academic settings is focused at York at all times,” explained Principal Perera.

Panchalinga Yadushikka
Afla Ameer
Reshma Perera

She added that we need to guide examination applicants according to a best-fitting long-term plan by recognising their standards. She prepares her students well in advance with an appropriate plan provided to the teachers considering the standard and the maximum capacities of the students.

“The world is transforming rapidly. We need to equip students with the knowledge and skills to thrive in the future - in the world of the 21st century. Training the students to be multi-taskers and properly grooming them to overcome the challenges that life throws at them is essential. Multi-tasking is the primary need of the modern-day world. Educators should foster the skill of multi-tasking among students through classroom guidance and curriculum designing. Teachers can support and help students manage their academic tasks. It can be done by assisting the students in designing comprehensive work management strategies. With a grateful heart, I thank the esteemed top management led by Rohan Perera, the Chairman of York Network for the incredible support given to the Heads of York Schools and York Graduate Campus with the vision of producing scholars with a global perspective,” said Principal Perera.

Afla Ameer, 16, said that her outstanding results are a result of all the hard work she put in. She studied hard and devoted herself to her studies. She said that her school played a crucial role in her success. “All our teachers and the principal worked so hard to help us achieve the ultimate goal. If anyone wants to achieve a certain goal in their life, instead of dreaming about it, they should have the determination to achieve it. Putting that extra effort into whatever you are doing is crucial. Being optimistic is the key to success. Punctuality is important to all students. If you want to succeed in life, you better not miss a day in school”

Reshma Perera, 15, pointed out that the effort her teachers put in, means everything to her. It was an amazing opportunity for her, putting in all the hard work, working with her teachers and doing past papers. The entire process was rewarding.

“I was once a kid who was a victim of stress caused by studies. I had days when I thought I would fail my O/L Examination and I felt I could not do it. But what I understand now is that there are days when we all feel down, but that is life. If you want to be successful you must earn it. You need to believe in yourself and you need to trust yourself.

Fifteen-year-old Panchalinga Yadushikka, felt that learning to be calm and clearing up all doubts certainly helped her in achieving outstanding results. The confidence her teachers instilled in her through their hard work also really helped her a lot.

“I worked hard for this. I tried to be calm and followed some studying timetables. I thank my school, York International School, Wattala, for helping me. I pay gratitude to my school principal, sectional heads and teachers. They provided us with special past paper schedules and chapter-wise special tutes which helped us. Our teachers were always there to clarify all our doubts. I thank my parents also for helping me whenever I needed them. That is how I achieved my goal. I have a message for students - hard work is essential. While you study, make sure you understand the concept and try some past papers. Don’t be afraid to ask questions from your teachers and get your doubts cleared.” (Pictures by Ranjith Asanka)



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