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Country should move towards 21st Amendment - Sumanthiran

Tamil National Alliance Parliamentarian M.A.Sumanthiran said that he had told Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa that the country should move towards a 21st Amendment, not just the abolition of the Executive Presidency, but the repeal of the 20th Amendment and the implementation of the 19th Amendment.

Sumanthiran said that a special discussion was held between him and the Prime Minister in Colombo at the invitation of the Prime Minister and during this meeting, he briefed the Prime Minister on these matters and many other matters necessary for the future of the country.

Sumanthiran said the Prime Minister had told him that it would be difficult to hold a Referendum and get a two-thirds majority in Parliament if the Executive Presidency was to be abolished. Sumanthiran told the Prime Minister that he was confident that the people would give their fullest support if the country goes for a Referendum for the abolition of the Executive Presidency.

Although the President apologised for the ban on the use of chemical fertilizers and the delay in going to the International Monetary Fund, he called on the Prime Minister to immediately bring about a constitutional change in the country and find a solution to the problems as these are not the only two factors that have contributed to the country’s economic collapse.

Sumanthiran further stated that due to the current situation and endless protests in the country,it will take time for the new Constitution to be drafted and the President should take a decision regarding himself or else catastrophic acts could take place throughout the country.

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