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Survival of the fittest is the key to Royal rugby’s success, says Samadhi Induwara

Royal third row forward Samadhi Induwara on his way to score a try  in the Bradby Shield match at Royal Complex.
Royal third row forward Samadhi Induwara on his way to score a try in the Bradby Shield match at Royal Complex.

Samadhi Induwara played first XV school rugby as a second row cum third row forward, for his alma mater Royal College, Colombo in the Inter-School rugby tournaments. He represented the Sri Lanka national Under 19 team as well. Samadhi has also played club rugby for Police Sports club. At present he is a final year Business management student at Kelaniya University studying for his degree. Incidentally Samadhi had the rare honour of scoring three tries at the Bradby Shield games.

Speaking exclusively to Daily News, Samadhi said “Taking part in sports at Royal College is a prestige. From early days, I witnessed how school level sportsmen became renowned and dominated the game. Also, I had a huge passion towards sports since I was a kid. As a result, I wanted to be a part of a sports team in school and that’s the main reason why I entered the world of sport”.

Samadhi Induwara

“My beautiful family and my teammates were always behind me and gave me their support. Also, I had very supportive coaches and school friends too, hence I’m always grateful to all of them and my Family is my top priority in life.”

“Rugby is a popular sport in school and it is celebrated on a grand scale. The culture which has been shared in school because of Rugby will make anyone want to play Rugby in my school at Royal and that’s the reason why I chose the game of rugby”. “It is a mix of both. While working towards my goals, I’m also grateful for what life has given me. We have to be happy with what we were blessed with but that should not stop us from challenging our limits and expanding focus”. “Being a rugby player is simply very tough. One thing that Royal rugby has proven is that it is the survival of the fittest. Not everyone who joins practices at the beginning will survive until the very end. To become a rugby player at any level, we should put in the best effort and give our hundred percent commitment, focus and effort to the game”.

“My favourite cricketer is Bhanuka Rajapaksa – He is a Royalist and I have seen him play in the Battle of the blues. The confidence, skills and positive mentality he brings to the ground are unmatched. My favourite leisure time activities are spending time with my friends because I rarely get some time to have a good conversation with them. Other than that, I listen to new music and am a big fan of movies”.

“Thus far my most unforgettable incident was St. Joseph’s Match (2019 League final match), We had to win with a total of four tries and being back-to-back champions in the previous years, there was that added pressure coming into the ground. But, our boys played aggressively and successfully finished the task “.

“I don’t like to compare myself to others because it creates a sense of unnecessary competition and pressure. I just try to be better than who I was yesterday”.

“My greatest accomplishments in life were finishing my school career with strong AL results enough to be selected to a reputed government university and a successful rugby career. It’s not easy to balance sports and education when being a ruggerite at Royal. It is safe to say that I was

blessed to be hard working and ended both my commitments on a good note”.

“When my parents said that they are very proud of me after I finished schooling, thus far is my best compliment”.

“The Covid Pandemic taught me to always have a plan ‘B’. Things do not always go as planned and therefore you should have a backup plan in mind”. “Up to now, I am happy with all that I have achieved but there is so much more to discover, experience and achieve in life”. “The most embarrassing moment on the rugby field would be the moment where I missed a tackle near the bench while the coach was watching me eye-to-eye. This has happened not only once, but many times”. “In life I like to describe myself as a determined and friendly person”.

“When I grow up, I want to be an engineer until OL’s, but I realized that I’m not good at mathematics. So, I realized my calling was towards the management sector and I want to be remembered as When I look back at myself at a later date, I want to be happy that I achieved everything I wanted in life and that’s the kind of legacy that I want to be remembered for concluded Samadhi Induwara.


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