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Pre-schools in Anuradhapura being integrated

Physical resources of 544 pre-schools in the Anuradhapura District have been developed by providing them with necessary funds during the last few years, Anuradhapura Government Agent Janaka Jayasundara said.

He also said that the money was provided to uplift the kindergarten educational facilities in the Anuradhapura district giving priority to under-developed rural areas.

“A survey is in progress now by Divisional Secretaries and grassroots level government officials for gathering the information regarding the shortcomings in the kindergartens in the rural areas that lack drinking water, electricity, sanitation, and educational appliances. Such pre-schools will be provided with Rs. 600,000 each for improving such infra structural facilities. At a recently held awareness meeting on the subject at the Medawachchiya Divisional Secretariate Auditorium, it was revealed that four well-equipped pre-schools with day-care centers will be constructed in Thalawa, Rajangane, Mahawilachchiya and Nachchaduwa at a cost of Rs. 62 million by the Government.

The Anuradhapura Government Agent said that it was vital to streamline the district early childhood educational system since thesuccess in the higher education system depends on the kindergarten education.

Therefore, seven model pre- schools will be set up in the Padavia, Nachchaduwa, Galenbidunuwewa, Thambuttegama, Galnewa and Nuwaragam Palatha (Central) DS Divisions. Workshops will also be held for kindergarten teachers with the assistance of the Mihintale Rajarata University in this regard, he said.



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