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No decision to hand over Kachchathivu to India – Fisheries Minister

Fisheries Minister Douglas Devananda emphasized that the Kachchathivu Island would never be handed back at all to India.

There is no decision reached by the government to handover the Kachchathivu Island to India and as such it is a false propaganda launched to instigate and gain political advantage Devananda emphasized further.

He said so to the media following a meeting he had with several E.P.D.P leaders in Vauniya recently. The Minister referring to the present chaotic political situation said that in the past Appapillai Amirthalingam, late leader of the Tamil community, Savumyamoorthi Thondaman, late leader of the estate workers and M.H.M. Ashraff, who represented the muslim community fully supported the shifting to the executive presidential system under the firm impression that such an executive presidential ruling would bring about and guarantee the protection of the rights of minority communities. Not only that they welcomed the system but continuously were in that stance Devananda specified.

The 21st amendment meant that the particular amendment gives powers of the President to the Parliament and as such there is no bearing whatsoever or inter connection between the 13th amendment and the 21st amendment, Devananda pointed out.

In the meantime Minister Devananda at a meeting held at Kilinochchi District Secretariat to discuss about the critical agricultural issues including the dearth of fertilizer etc., instructed the officials concerned to furnish him with a detailed report indicating the correct updated fertilizer requirement of the farmers in the Northern Province for the 2022 Yala Season to enable him to obtain fertilizer from India on concessionary basis through bilateral discussions with the Indian Government.

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